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US Brand Name Ventolin Aerosol
Generic Name Salbutamol
Other Brand Name Ventolin, Asthalin, Ventage
Packing 200MD
Manufacturer GSK, Cipla
Form Inhaler
Strength 100mcg/dose
Country India

  • 100 mcg 200 doses $7.89
Available online
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  • Ventolin, Salbutamol  Inhaler warning
  • Ventolin, Salbutamol  Inhaler
  • Ventolin, Salbutamol  Inhaler information sheet 1
  • Ventolin, Salbutamol  Inhaler information sheet 2
  • Ventolin, Salbutamol  Inhaler information sheet 3
  • Ventolin, Salbutamol  Inhaler information sheet 4
  • Ventolin, Salbutamol  Inhaler and box
  • Ventage, Generic Ventolin, Salbutamol Pressurised Inhalation, 200 Metered Doses, Inhaler with Box
  • Ventage, Generic Ventolin, Salbutamol Pressurised Inhalation, 200 Metered Doses, Inhaler

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